yesterday I went out to eat with john, the kids and my siblings and on our way back from grabbing ice cream at the white squirrel we were caught in the down pour and we were all soaked to the bone - the lightening was so crackling and loud that lil' p was crying while licking her cone - I don't mind getting wet from the rain, but it was so cold. lil' p was the only dry one out of the bunch.
the images above is a w.i.p. for the winged migration show. I should be working in the order of deadlines, but I was eager to get it started. the idea is similar to a piece I did awhile ago, but I changed the screened images and colours. there is going to be two small panels and there will be more stitching around the circles - till most of the surface is covered. I will show you more photos as it develops. tomorrow I will be glued to my sewing chair to sew around 150 pouches for wholesale orders - at least I will be warm and dry.
p.s. only two spots left for geninne's workshop in july - thanks to everyone who already signed up. I am so excited for geninne's visit!


  1. Those prints are gorgeous :) I hate it when you have a craving for icecream in winter- if only there was such a thing as hot icecream!

  2. the sneek peek is really promising, Arounna !! I love these "windows" & the stitches around.
    oh no, so sorry about the soak & sotrm, and the icecream under the rain. Let's hope for drier weather real soon !

  3. love the glimpse
    but i knew i would
    i made some great progress on mine this weekend but I don't have 150 pouches to sew, wow!!!
    the kitties were freaked out at the little storm last night too.

  4. 150 pouches? Wow, your productivity never ceases to amaze me! I can't wait to see this beautiful artwork in person!

  5. a beautiful start!
    I can't wait to see more
    wow 150 sounds like a lot of sewing
    I am always impressed with your work ethics
    enjoy a dry day!


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