I love getting things in the mail - a gift from jill, how lovely - thanks jill - piper has claimed the egg cosie as a hat for one of her babies. I love the pattern on it. I remember as a kid having pen pals - I think I might need to do that again - my world has been override with emails, I love sending mail as much as getting.


  1. i adore receiving snail mail too
    isn't jill a doll herself:)

  2. oh how lovely to see your egg cozy on your blog. I'm glad you like it, Arounna. I thought you'd like the graphic vintage print. Glad it's being used to keep a dolly's head warm : ) x

  3. regular mail is so much better than an email, yet i am as guilty as everyone else in rarely finding the time for it. i had pen pals when i was younger too - i remember really enjoying it.

  4. I have been blessed with one of Jill's egg cozy too, and I love it too !! Jill is a real sweetheart & a generous soul.
    I am a snail mail lover, I used to have up to ten penpals when I was a teen.


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