hi everyone,
we had a lovely weekend in toronto - lots of sunshine and late afternoons in the park. john and I were saying to each other - in the past when we would meet at a bar or for coffee after work - now after work we meet at the park. there's so much joy the children have when they play. I slept in a bit yesterday morning, but awoke with lliam whispering in my ear "happy mother's day". life can't get any sweeter.
one of my favourite colours is grey - I like wearing the colour grey and looking at the colour grey - one of the reasons I liked b&w photography as a teenager was how many tones of grey that could be seen and achieved in a photograph. I was happy to achieve this warm grey with natural dye. I made scarves, and dyed the organic linen canvas and really like it in bag and pouch form.
I hope your having a great start to your week - talk to you soon. xxa


  1. so beautiful scarf :)
    Il love grey also, my favourite colour! the bag is very nice also...

  2. You're right: beautiful grey..

  3. your last dyeings are delicious, Arounna
    nothing beats natural dyeing !
    have a great week ahead !!

  4. I love your grey dying, beautiful. Grey is one of my favourites too!

    Happy to hear you had a sweet mother's day. You deserve it!

  5. The weather has been lovely!
    So beautiful!

    Happy Mother's Day Arounna

  6. I'm loving the grey bag...the texture & shading is simple gorgeous! A fabulous collection.

  7. I love gray too!
    how beautiful, will you have any of these for sale?

  8. As a grey addict, and as a dyer this makes me shout: bravo...

  9. that is so sweet to wake up to your kids whispering in your ear! I hope you had a lovely mothers day. It was SO nice this weekend. I hope this beautiful weather is here to stay!
    I love that bag so much!

  10. I start to appreciate the colour grey more and more. I used to only pick the very bright colours, but mixing it with grey just works perfectly.

    You made some lovely items. Beautiful.

  11. i am a big grey fan too!!
    i think most of what i dyed last week has a hint of grey except the indigo.
    love that you already sewed a pouch.

  12. thanks everyone
    glad there are plenty of grey lovers out there
    yes - these will be for sale soon

  13. well i will chime in and say that i love grey too - i can see that is a popular opinion. i love to wear a lot of grey and then add a punch of colour - i suppose grey is my black, which i never wear. that scarf is just gorgeous.

  14. i really love your dyeing work, these are beautiful.


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