hi everyone,
I hope you enjoyed a few days off loafing and enjoying the sunshine. we are still getting days of rain and wonderful days of sunshine - you know the kind that warms you, the kind that is too bright that you have to squint. lil' p and I spent saturday afternoon together, walking, eating and shopping - just the two of us and it was nice just us girls, she's funny and charming and makes me smile and laugh and it was nice to be just two. my days are busy and my days are long, but I enjoy this pace and this life and wouldn't want to change a thing. images - buds to prove that spring is here to stay, a charming typewriter that my sis gave me and it sits in the window where lil' p sits at and types, people stop - point - and have the biggest smiles on their faces. and tulips because they are my favourite.
wishing you a super sweet day! xxa
p.s. b.a.h. mag issue no. 2 really soon + a giveaway (c'mon who doesn't like a giveaway)


  1. i stayed up so late waiting for the may issue of bah emag and sewing a t shirt
    it is almost done , only the hems remain unsewn because I haven't decided if I might want to leave them raw or even use a contrasting thread one the piece is dyed.

  2. I would be one of the people who'd smile at P in the shop window, but I've been taught not to point at people ! ;-)

  3. we've been enjoying some nice weather here in Portland too. Yesterday it got all the way to 70 degrees and I left a few windows open all night! It's nice to have to 'squint' a bit!

  4. Lovely spring images! And can't wait for b.a.h No 2!
    Happy days to you.
    Diana x

  5. beautiful photos
    so excited for the next issue of bah mag!

  6. Love these! New mag edition is great - and the new fabric!!

  7. Wow, these are great! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


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