thank you for your sweet words about my hair cut - so happy to see a few of you agreeing with the grey hair. my sweet family and I enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. it was a bit windy out, but we were enjoying no winter gear and just light jackets. when we got back the kids couldn't get enough of being outside - they hung out in the back for a few hours with john - john had finished the outdoor space in september, so this will be the first summer with bbq's, loafing, and movies (yes we are going to have outdoor films projected on our neighbours walls) can't wait! we lived in a few buildings and didn't have outdoor space, it's huge being able to step outside. we are also excited in a few weeks construction begins on our third floor. when our contractor comes over - I keep finding things to add to his to-do list - one of them is putting a door currently where my window exists in my studio area - I like the idea of the kids being able to hang-out on the deck and I can see them and also for me to have more sunlight and air.
I am doing more dyeing (I am a few scarves away from being sold-out - they were a huge hit at the spring craft show) I will be getting my new shipment from maiwa soon and in a few weeks will be the start of the advance natural dyeing class with julie at the workroom .
I am also enjoying the colours on my rag from letterpress printing. I am working on some ideas for larger prints with a little help from some friends. off later this afternoon to take more photos for the magazine - I think this next issue will be larger.


  1. can't wait to dye with you again soon
    and so happy to hear that you are almost sold out
    and outdoor movies sound wonderful

  2. So great that you can enjoy warmer weather! Seems like this will be a lovely summer at Booknou's home.. :-)


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