I am off later today to do some natural dyeing at the workroom - I photographed this book during my visit to the japanese paper place - it is washi paper dyed with indigo.
so the magazine is almost done - what else to do - get the new items ready for the online shop - and thinking of another giveaway - I think later today i will have to give you a sneak peek into one of the things going into the magazine. this e-mag project has been such a labour of love and I enjoy the process immensely. get on the bookhou list and you will get a preview of the magazine + more...


  1. wow, that book is amazing. hard to believe it is paper - it has such great texture.

  2. K is right, that book cover is totally breathtaking, that blue makes my head spin. Magical color indeed. I could look at it all day. Thanks for sharing :)
    and have fun at the Workroom ! oxoxo

  3. that is amazing
    so sorry i am missing the class tonight

  4. your work is so delicate.love it!


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