hope your week is going well - just in case you're planning on coming to visit us this weekend - the bookhou brick and mortar shop will be closed on good friday and easter sunday - we will be open our usual hours on saturday. one of the hard parts of doing the magazine is that there's so much content I want to share with you - but have to hold back so that it's a surprise for you. I had a laugh yesterday at lil' p's attempt at putting on her jacket. those binoculars weigh her down, but she loves wearing them. I also notice that as she gets older she is more aware of my picture taking - and she seems to enjoy it (after I take a photo she quickly says "let me schee")
have a wonderful easter weekend! xxa


  1. She's too cute. Fun that she isn't growing shy of the camera but more interested in your results.

  2. my gosh, what a cutie pie, look at that !!!
    thank you SO much for the birthday wishes yesterday, my friend, it was very much appreciated <3
    I also hope you'll have a great Easter weekend

  3. i think she may have started a new design trend for jackets that keep ones bottom warm.
    well waking up to snow this morning was just not funny

  4. She made her coat look like some avant-garde garment from Comme des Garçons or something. Very chic!

    It's snowing here in Ottawa too... Not fun. Oh well, I guess it's more quality-time with my handknits.

    I'm so looking forward to the second edition of BAH

    Enjoy your few days off!

  5. Aww... too cute!

    Happy Easter weekend to you too!

  6. lil p's too cute!
    maki does the same thing: sometimes w/ the jacket, and all the time with the "let me see" after taking a pic:)
    must be a toddler thing;)

  7. beautiful little girl
    have a great Easter weekend to you too!

  8. I love how she poses for these pictures. She is going to love these when she is older :)

  9. Haha, my toddler does exactly the same! Yours is soo cute!

  10. cutie !!!



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