hi everyone,
I hope you had a productive, creative and restful weekend. I am almost done the bulk of my wholesale orders - and I spent my sunday evening packaging online orders - they are ready to be shipped today. john is trying to cut down his visits to the post office - he was going 5 days a week and we are bulking up the orders and trying to go 3 times a week - it means our ship out days are around 3 days, but it saves a lot of time.
I spent my weekend taking photos for the next issue of b.a.h. mag. the kids have been crazy about binoculars - lil' p walks around with them around her neck and calls them her eyes - I finally got my hair cut - it was pretty long, I was going to go even shorter, but chickened out. I have natural waves in my hair and the hairdresser (for the first time) didn't straighten my hair. with my busy life I don't have time to flatten my hair. also I am resisting colouring my hair. it's getting much more noticeable - I'm okay with grey hair - if you had asked me twenty years ago I would of probably freak at the sight of a grey hair - as I get older I feel there are other things to obsess over than my looks. I am off to do more projects for the magazine.
have a great day! xxa


  1. such a lovely post to start the week with ! I always love to see you & the babes :)
    I'm 100% with yu about the grey hair, and you'll see that yourself in July ;-)
    wishing you a terrific week ahead ! xoxo

  2. I always thought that I worked hard for those greys and like you, there's no time to fuss with hair.
    wash and wear...life's too short

  3. your hair looks so lovely with those soft natural curls and p and l are adorable as usual. Geninne and I were talking about how fast you are with packing and shipping when I visited her. You are so amazing that even though you have such a busy young family and a growing business that you still find the time to help and teach your friends.

  4. You look absolutely lovely! A photo worth framing. I am always amazed by your calm demeanour in the midst of all that you do! I look forward to the next edition of B.A.H.

    Have a lovely day.


  5. you look absolutely beautiful and serene with lil p...

  6. You do look lovely. I like the a la naturale look too. And it's great to age gracefully. Go grey I say!

  7. your hair looks fantastic! love the waves...

  8. Great photo! Your hair is beautiful! I have really long wavy hair that I've been thinking about cutting lately, not sure if I'll give in yet!

  9. Lovely pic!

    I'm all for going with the grey - for one I'm not up for all the chemicals that go with keeping it hidden, but more importantly, it feels ok, it's part of who I am.

    As Margie says above, I'm astounded at the rate at which you dispatch, and doubt anyone would notice if it wasn't daily!

  10. You look great! And your kids are fantastic. I imagine little P with her "eyes" around her neck.... :-)

  11. What a refreshing and lovely thing to read: "other things to obsess over than my looks." I can't read that statement enough from enough people. I hope to see it more (and more and more to find it true for myself).

    Oh how I love the triangle tote with leather straps!


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