hi everyone,
I hope you had a lovely weekend - we went up north for a few days - and feel a bit rested. the kids had fun with their grandparents and john and I worked on a few small projects and ate lots of food. before we headed up north we paid our friend shao pin a visit during his grand opening of his new (and gorgeous!) studio. for awhile shao had a space at the distillery district and jumped at the opportunity to move his studio to golden ave. just west of lansdowne. shao's studio space is impeccable, and just so you know it's not because it was a special night - his space is always like this and his machinery is always shiny and well kept. shao is a wonderful metal smith, jeweller and furniture maker and shao the talented person who makes the metal legs for john's tables.
I feel like his studio is situated in a little gem of a warehouse, john and I snooped around at the vacant studio spaces and was reminiscent of our loft living days. I was particularly struck by this space with the most incredible ceiling - my photos did not do it justice - this space was massive. all I can say is - if your looking for a studio space in toronto - golden ave is the place to be.
enjoy the rest of your week! xxa


  1. what an amazing space, it's gorgeous!

  2. What a great space! Love the bricks, the ceiling.... everything. And it is so tidy! :-)

  3. your friend has a beautiful studio and that last photo
    wowweee I want that space!


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