I got these hat forms from a friend - I don't wear a lot of hats except for my trusty tilley hat in the summer -I like the hat forms as objects (from time to time you might see this kids ironing board in my photos, it was a birthday gift from roisin).
john's dad is an avid photographer, when john was younger his dad mostly used slide film - using that as an inspiration - on our wedding day when it got dark out, we had a slide show of us as kids and as a couple, I have to admit it was one of the highlights at our wedding. today is my first day at the spring craft show - it was a bit of a whirlwind yesterday so I didn't get a chance to take photos, we were trying to get so much done before picking up lliam at jk - we left lil' p at the show's daycare and I thought she would cry and fret like her brother did in the past, but she had a great time and we had a hard time getting her out. I will take photos today, the show is pretty big and filled with lots of handmade things to see and buy. the brick and mortar shop will be open it's usual hours.
one of our retailers - anne from TASK in new york wrote a nice post on our company.
please also check out becky from sweetie pie press's kickstarter video - found here.


  1. Sweet looking hat forms. They look well loved. And what an amazing collection of film cameras!! The slideshow at your wedding sounds so beautiful

  2. Doug is such a fascinating person! I think of him a lot these days.

    What do you think that there is some of him in Piper, a little social butterfly, eh?

  3. I hope you have a great spring show (I wish I was closer...)

  4. I think those hats would hurt my head! But the camera collections is really amazing...lots of memories in the walls of them:)

  5. hope that day one went well, and that you got to eat some french fries!

  6. Nice to see you and your lovely work at the show, you seemed full of energy, that's a good start.


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