yesterday we had a great visit with roisin and ted - ro is teaching textile design at ACAD and won't be back in ontario till the end of the term - and in the evening john and I visited julie in her beautiful home for a party - I was envious of the stripped wood trim in her house. thanks barbara for a lovely outing today - we went to go see dorie's exhibition - will post pictures tomorrow. we stopped at the white squirrel to have a quick drink before heading back to our studios. in case you're wondering I've seen this infamous white squirrel in trinity bellwoods park twice - not sure if it was the same squirrel.


  1. i like your boots!
    ooh! out and about at the white squirrel!
    and, I love your new blog banner!

  2. sorry i missed Roisin

    so good to meet Dorie and see her new work

    great to talk over coffee at the White Squirrel, thanks for the window

  3. there's a town a bout 30 minutes from where i live that is full of white squirrels. they have a white squirrel festival as well. how neat that there are two white squirrel towns!

  4. I love the White Squirrel! I visit everytime I am in Toronto. The Paper Place just down the street is great too!

  5. Hmmm a white squirrel
    that would be an interesting sighting

    Glad to see you take breaks from your busy days.

  6. i really didn´t need to see that snow but I do look forward to hanging out with you in the studio one day soon.

  7. anytime margie
    I've missed your comments here
    have a safe trip back - can't wait to hear about it.

  8. oy, still much snow ;-)
    ah what a cute squirrel for that coffee shop !
    looks like a great place

  9. i really, really love the photos you took at this coffee shop, it looks amazing :)


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