hi everyone - happy valentines!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend - I spent my sunday evening watching the grammy's - I havn't watched that show since forever and it wasn't too bad - yeah bob dylan and arcade fire. I spent the weekend working and wishing for warm weather - day dreaming of not wearing layers and layers of clothes. I finished a prototype for a hand tote and when I photographed it next to john it looked small and when I hold it - it's closer to what it should be in scale, but still like the photo of john holding it. I also worked on some new gusset pouches that I will photograph today and show you tomorrow - a request from one of our stockist and it's a style I've done before and will make extra for our shop and for the upcoming spring show. I also printed some coin envelopes to put seedlings in to give to customers at the ooak show. I'm not much of a gardener and was hoping you would have suggestions on seeds that are not too difficult to plant. the other image I included is a love note from my lil p - I swear that shape in the top corner is a heart - am I just projecting? I hope today you will be filled with LOVE - I don't think you need today to be reminded of that - but it's a good excuse. I find that sometimes there are times you feel that you need to concentrate on bad things that happen and it can bring you down or make you do stupid things, I think in the end positive energy and thoughts is what gets you through things, not negative energy - I believe in the theory that when you project positive thoughts and energy - it also comes back positive. I feel now that I am approaching forty (did I just say that?) - that I am over the high school drama that some people out there project. we're all adults here and there needs to be positive things around us (isn't there enough bad things out there?) - so grab someone close squeeze them hard and tell them you love them. this blog world is a virtual world where you find friends and enemies and I think we should stay in the real world. if I didn't make any sense that's okay.
have a wonderful day friends xxa


  1. oh my, no need to say that everything you just said speaks to me volumes. I hear you my friend. And really, you put it so well in your post !
    the tote is just the right size ... I guess John is tall and it looks a little smaller in comparison
    yes yes I also see a heart <3 on P's drawing :)
    strength to you my friend, and keep on being the inspiring, talented, beautiful, positive & sweet person that you are.

  2. Love the tote! As allways, your work is so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. nasturtiums
    really easy to start

    this is a brilliant idea
    are you going to print the names on the envelopes too?

  4. Also,

    tomatoes, peas, courgette, cucumber

    All very easy to start.
    Very pretty envelopes!!

  5. love that picture of john
    he looks so dapper
    and i am so happy to be
    able to give you real and virtual hugs
    you are one very special family

  6. How about lupine seeds? You only need to scatter them on the ground as they don't really need planting.

    Love John's picture and love the bag. And that is definitely a heart on the drawing!

    Happy Valentines Day! Anne, yourmainestamper

  7. It's definitely a heart. No doubt about it. :-)
    You and your readers have the best energy, Arounna. That's one of the things that make this blog so appealing.
    Have a great day. :-)
    Oh, about the seeds: tomatoes, sweetpeas, marigolds....

  8. What a great Valentine's day note! Thanks! And I love the new tote bag, the size looks perfect in your photo, mostly because that's how I picture it would look if I were holding it!
    And I agree with Barbara- Cosmos!
    Cosmos seeds are so easy and so beautiful. Just scatter them on the ground really.
    Happy Valentines Day to you and John!

  9. Sending you one great BIG hug Arounna ♥ Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I wish you were coming down with Margie next week! We'll have to organize another get together. I do hope to meet you in person one day.

  10. ah yes, I thought when I was young that when people grow up to be adults, that they treat each other well and respect each other - how wrong was I! there are some of us that band together in niceness and support - thank goodness for that.

    what about embedding seeds in handmade paper - so easy and so lovely! also, marigolds are a great natural dye, so those would be appropriate given your new work.

    xo, thanks for being such a great friend.

  11. happy valentines to you too
    thanks for your thoughts
    I am so tired of negativity
    yeah to positivity

    I agree with roisin marigolds would be a nice choice for all the natural dyeing you have been doing

    enjoy your day!!

  12. Lupins

    (p.s. My Mom loved her bird/heart pin...Thank you for bringing love into the world in your beautiful handmade way.)


  13. Some very inspiring thoughts.

    Sending you some warm valentine's wishes!

  14. Too true! Happy Valentine's day to you & your loved ones.

    (PS - I went in the shop the other day with a friend but maybe you didn't recognize me without my glasses and I suddenly felt shy! So, hello!)

  15. sorry i forgot to tell you my seed advice
    i would say a meadow wildflower mix
    for naturalizing.
    good for the bees, butterflies and birds and that makes it very good for us too.

  16. happy valentine's day to you too!

    bob dylan and arcade fire were the best parts of the grammy's! thankfully i am not yet infected by this said "bieber fever" :)

  17. Happy Valentines, hope your day was special. i loved the Bob Dylan set -with the Avett brothers - so fun! So love the idea of being kind to each other. So love.

  18. Lovely post arounna and making perfect sense.
    The bag is so beautiful in it's simplicity.
    My seed suggestion is already here. A favourite would be nasturtiums because they are so cheerful in a garden and taste wonderful in salads too. I also love Margie's wildflower suggestion very much.

  19. Lovely tote! Will they be for sale in your Etsy shop? Are the handles leather? Could vegan (=fabric) handles be an option too?


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