during the holidays I printed our two new animals on tea towels - the porcupine and the whale - they were very popular, so I decided to make more, I started printing them on the tea towels because we would constantly get comments that they love the animal image, but didn't have a little one they could give a onesie or softie to. I took them to montreal and they were a big hit - I thought I would do a limited run of just these two for now - and maybe more later. hope you like them. there's suppose to be a crazy snow storm coming to toronto. I see flurries starting now. my fellow torontonians stay safe and avoid driving if you have to.


  1. They are lovely.. Like the colours a lot!

  2. Love them both so much!

  3. All your animals should be on tea towels, I think.

    (i hope my animals won't cause confusion??)

  4. Love Mr. Whale.
    He fits this morning, when it's all white outside.

  5. The whale is great but the porcupine is sooooooo nice! Really sweet. Love it! :-)

  6. Ditto to all the comments! Tail wags to all. ~moose

  7. these are beautiful
    john is such a talent
    I love his animal drawings
    such a great idea to put them on tea towels

  8. love the whale - love checking out fellow GTA bloggers - kudos

    I invite you to check out my blog


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