when I'm making work - any kind of work - there is this process of going back over things - deciding how it will work and when you don't have anyone around to give you advice or suggestions, you go with your gut. I started off with these pieces and something felt right - but I felt it wasn't enough - I began on other pieces attempting to make different things - and quickly that was abandoned and I went back to this first idea - I began to think about my project description for the capacity show (below) and I think it helped to clarify the idea. there are so many parts to what I do, sketching to prototyping to making to writing - they all feed into each other. hope you like these as much as I do.

these brooches are made of natural dyed fabric and are quilt like in their construction. they are formed not from subdividing a space but from the inside out, growing into and finding their shape. at a certain point I decide to stop the patch-working process and the limits or capacity of each piece results.

still, despite their small size, they suggest a greater field- a continuation beyond their frame or limit. this greater field is unknowable and can only be suggested from their fragmented state.


  1. I like the contrast between the shapes and the tones. The first being graphic and the latter rather natural. Nice work!

  2. I liked what you had to say about it
    I really like the graphic quality of it, nice idea as a brooch.

  3. I always find it fascinating when the visual and verbal are juxtaposed. As you say, to know something is right (clarified) in your "gut" but then to go on and clarify it verbally...such a difficult thing to do

  4. They are simply amazing Arounna.

  5. you are as much a scientist as you are an artist and i dare say i think that is why we connect so well

  6. the geometric edges are a really nice contrast to the soft natural colors, very pretty pieces!


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