the opening was a big success - we were so lucky to have Enoteca Sociale cater the reception (they are owned by the ever popular Pizzeria Libretto) - tonight was the press preview and we were happy with the turnout - big thanks to katherine and erin (the curators) for all their hard work - the show is only on till feb. 6th and the public reception will be on saturday jan. 29th - most of the show participants will be there - also if your going to the IDS show please visit the capacity booth in studio north.


  1. looks amazing!!
    that photo makes your shop look bigger than life.

  2. what a great turn out. you must be so pleased. and the food looks so yummy!

  3. Looks perfect! It will be a great success. :-)

  4. I wish I was closer
    congrats on the success of the show


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