mini pouches - I took a photo holding it so you have a better sense of their scale. I have a lot of loose ends to tie this weekend. plus a little trip to muskoka on sunday - I will be giving a talk on marketing and business/catalogue design. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xxa
UPDATE* I just set up bookhou with their own email list - please sign up if you want to be notified of special promotions and news - as well there is something new we are developing - something special for bah readers and it will only be available to our subscribers - I will send you an email with that info very soon.
you won't be disappointed - okay bye for now.


  1. wauu - they are great - cute design and style! Well done - and a great weekend to you also.

  2. those look amazing with the canvas and metal zips

  3. lovely! really like the metal zips!

  4. Wish I could be at the talk your giving! Sounds great!

  5. So beautiful...
    You're a talented lady!

  6. The prints are fantastic. I too love the metal zips, especially with the black on canvas.
    Very smart looking.

  7. these are so sweet
    I love your photographs
    you must have the best light


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