hi everyone!
hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am tired from the past week - I felt like it was so busy - we had our public reception for the capacity show and wooowee what a turnout indeed - thanks to everyone who came by and visited. I think that we had more people in the shop than we ever did. I had to open a window because it was so hot inside. I had a great time in muskoka, I wish I brought my camera the snow was magnificent - thanks barbara for coming with me. last week I received this calendar from angela - thanks angela the kids loved the sweet illustrations. also recently added to the bah etsy shop is this set of five heart tags and a gift bag.
also if you havn't heard - I started a bookhou list - I will be sending an email soon about what is new and upcoming with bookhou. I am so excited to share it with our subscribers, but for now I am holding the news close to my chest.
enjoy your day my friends - today I am going to enjoy a large cup of tea, read my favourite blogs and enjoy my sweet family. xxa


  1. enjoy a little rest! So important sometimes. xo

  2. you're getting me very excited by this new !!! So fantastic that the show went so wonderfully !! yeepie !
    and this heart set is too adorable for words <3
    now take care, and as Abby said, take some well deserved rest xoxo

  3. Tu as un planning bien chargé !
    Bonne journée de repos entourée de ceux que tu aimes...
    A bientôt :)

  4. Love to see the calendar on your floor. Thank you and enjoy a well deserved, restful time.

  5. you so deserve it
    perhaps one day you could share with us a little list of your favorite blogs. Always looking for artful inspiration.

  6. love the tag & gift bag, so simple and lovely.


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