a big thank you for all the nice comments for my new bags - those elements is what makes posting here truly special. above is the new coasters - I really like how I packaged them with the little bit of cotton twill - I will be selling them in pairs. I make all the pouches and the coasters from my remnants - it makes me feel good about not having a lot of waste. I am selling them in pairs so that you can have a nice variety of patterns. you can check them out here.
I wanted to also mention that the bookhou brick and mortar will be closed until the opening of the capacity show on jan. 26th - the show runs till feb. 6th - what this means is if you are venturing to our neck of the woods hoping to get a little bookhou wares - the shop will look completely different and I will probably have some bookhou wares in the back somewhere - we are closing a few days in advance for us to prepare the store for the group show. the capacity show is part of design week that is happening next week - our b.i.a. is having many different designers in different venues along our dundas west neighbourhood - for more info go to the do west design website.


  1. Love these, and the new bag and pouches. Simple clean design. Perfect!

  2. i hope i can get down to see the show but if i don't i might just be placing a little order for hand :) delivery. btw i got the prints yesterday (j&a) and they are so beautiful. Now to find the perfect frames for them.

  3. what a sweet coincidence, I've been making coasters these days too :) yours are so so pretty <3
    I also got my prints today !!! Thank you & Jill so much xoxo

  4. The coasters look wonderful! I love the new tote - I spotted it on Etsy and by the time I hit the "Favorite" button it was gone...

    Good luck with the preparations for the show!

  5. I like your style alot. Simple and clean, basic elements. Posted one of your pictures to my page.

  6. Love the coasters Arounna! Great work - hoping to make it to the capacity show too. :)

  7. these are great
    I hope you will have lots of pictures of this big event in your neighbourhood, I read about some of it on design sponge today

  8. The coasters look so beautiful! Are the lovely details in Chartreuse the cotton ribbons in tight weave?

  9. Nice coasters!


    Best regards


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