while I was on my trip I spent time making these little patched pieces that will be made into wearable objects for the capacity show in january - they will still have work done on their surface, but I thought they currently look so nice. so hard to make certain decisions. I was happy to finally use the natural dye fabric that I was hoarding. to break free of the hoarding I plan to do more natural dyeing - in the new year I plan to incorporate it into my production line as well. we don't normally open on monday and tuesday, but we decided to be open and we have been so busy - I am still sewing and making things to fulfill custom jobs and slowly filling our empty shop. we are so lucky to have the support of our neighbourhood and all the kind people that make an effort to come and support local and handmade.


  1. Have you ever made a quilt? I think a quilt from you would be lovely!

  2. Hoping it's not too chilly inTO...MERRY XMAS...
    Lovely little sewn treasures.

  3. I *love* your take on patchwork and the colors are really beautiful. Can't wait to see what they will become :)
    I want to thank you Arounna for being such a wonderful inspiration! Your blog is one of the highlights of my day :)

  4. looks like we both have been using up our natural dyed bits and pieces.
    Do rest up a little next week and if you are up in our neck of the woods please do drop in.

  5. these pieces are so stunning
    looking forward to seeing more

  6. this is highly inspirational, like the way Margie used hers. I love how you two have managed to use them, your very own way. I haven't managed to do so yet. Maybe I'm reflecting too much & it's not coming naturally for that matter.

  7. i like the colors and the way you patcheted them!

  8. Lots of linen goodness there! Love how these are coming together. You're always so inspiring with such creative and clever ideas up your sleeve!


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