I made only a few indigo linen aprons - they are so beautiful - love the deep blue. above is an image of my embroidery work during craft shows - this one is from second storie. I usually make little pins from these. my organic cotton voile arrived yesterday - I love how it prints right through the fabric - I have special plans for it and will show you images soon. I have about 12 wholesale orders that are backed up and I promise I am working on them non-stop and all my lovely retailers will get their order soon. I hope you understand. I am the only full-time person working on them. I am rethinking my process - I think I need a full-time assistant - any takers?


  1. I am loving that navy linen with your print on it! Lovely!
    All the best on sorting out how to do manage your studio!

  2. I'll come work for you! Really! Where do I apply?

  3. That would be a dream job :P

    Loving the print also!

  4. I want an apron! Where an I buy it? :)

  5. if I could, I would !!!
    this indigo linen is so yummy looking, more particularly with your prints on.
    good luck for all the work !

  6. What a wonderful job that would be, but a heck of a commute... :(

    I love the blue too, beautiful.

  7. when sonia comes to visit this summer and we win the lottery ( because she is just that lucky), I will quit my job (hope no one from the town that can't be named is reading this) and come work for you for free. You are just that wonderful to be around and p and l are an extra bonus.
    I would love an indigo apron, can you put one aside for me , pretty please.
    see you on friday.

  8. Sunday i went to one of the kind show with my boyfriend. Thank you for giving me the ticket! i was so glad to see the show and i could spend a wonderful time. and i met your husband but i couldn`t meet you so it was a pity.
    If you need a help i can do! i really wanna do that!

  9. I too think those indigo aprons are beautiful! ...Would love you.

  10. Love any blue linen but that print is stunning!

  11. I'd love to work for you! What a shame I live on the other side of the world :)


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