john retrofitted this type tray for me to display my snap wallets - it works so well - it's a good way to catch customers attention when it is displayed upright. the past week has been so busy with the sale of our calendar tea towel - it was featured on decor8 as part of the 2011 calendar round up. thanks to everyone who bought one. I am starting to use the linen selvage that I cut off as ribbon. yesterday I got a super duper bargain on a bag full of washi tape from dwr - thanks cheryl for the tip. so I will probably start using the tape for the packaging of our online sales.


  1. Congrats! I find that sometimes I like the selvedge more than the actual fabric! Nice idea on what to do with it.

  2. nice idea with the stand
    I love my calendar tea towel
    it will hang on the wall for awhile
    I don't want to use it just yet

  3. i got to see some of your products/creations at paper-ya in vancouver this week. very very lovely.

  4. how exciting - I love love love


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