hi everyone! - hope you had a relaxing and creative weekend.
our lliam was sick for most of the weekend and he's now on the mend, but lil p is now got the sniffles - what is up with this rotating cold/flu thing. I hope I don't get sick - too much work ahead of me. well I got a few letterpress jobs to show you - sort of. the wedding invite I will show more pics when everyone gets them. it involved pine cones - how sweet - and I got to use the beautiful st. armand paper - it was a real pleasure to print on it and was nice to have a break from the lettra paper. I also did some custom business cards in the style of our note cards. I'm having fun with putting washi tape on e v e r ything. there's also a picture of this cut off from the log piles I got and it's waiting to be turned into something. also friends in rochester and montreal - I will be taking a road trip with my wares to visit you soon.
next week celebrates eight years of bookhou I am thinking of having a giveaway each day - is that too insane?
enjoy your day!


  1. ugh, yuck, I'm sorry Arounna. The autumn germs are in full rotation over here too. I hope everyone will feel better ASAP, and that you won't catch anything.
    Eight years ? wow wow ! Let's celebrate indeed !! :D xoxo

  2. hy arounna, i was thinking about a cut off wood pile as a place to put my big plants on... and i´m curious what you will turn it into:)
    hope at least you stay healthy!

  3. insane , never
    generous, always
    wishing little p a quick return to full health

  4. wow! eight years is such a wonderful accomplishment. hope your little one feels better..we've had rotating sniffles around here too.

  5. Congrats on eight years, wow! Sorry to hear about the illnesses, we've got them here too, no fun! It looks like you painted on the wood table, that is so incredibly beautiful!

  6. poor little boy, here on the other side of the atlantic ocean, my little son was also sick this week-end, he was in bad shape with a lot of temperature and little spots today... wow ... 8 years, congratulations, your art and work are so incredibly beautiful ! You have so much talent! About the giveaways, I would say I was so lucky already !!! But I would love to participate again, of course ! Thank you for your generosity.

  7. sorry about your little ones
    oh no it would be terrible to be sick during this busy time

    a week of bookhou giveaways - YES!

  8. sorry to hear about Lliam and Piper - let's hope they are as right as rain asap! l-o-v-e the washi tape. I received my 3rd editions stamp today and I gave a nice big smile when I saw the washi tape on my package. Something amazing wrapped up and packaged with something amazing - you made my day!

    A whole week of Bookhou giveaways - sounds like a great way to celebrate!

  9. thanks everyone for your well wishes

    I'm so glad you liked your order cheryl!

    so it's settled a week of bookhou giveaways
    I will not disappoint!

  10. 8 years, wow. Insane? no way! Gosh, you are so generous and seem to have endless amounts of time and energy. It is so inspiring how much you get done in a day. Wishing a comfortable recovery for your little girl.


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