this week has been a week of tying loose ends and it also included writing my grant application for the OAC grants. the above image is a manipulated image of a photograph I took of the Alsop OCAD extension - the image was intentionally blurred and grainey. this image is a sneak peek at the next e d i t i o n s - more details soon.
::have a lovely weekend my friends::


  1. our weekend has already started.

    crossing fingers it will be a good one.

    and for you too.

  2. have a lovely weekend in the shop , studio and with your family. I will ( actually deborah and a friend will) be painting my soon to be studio:)

  3. I like the graphic nature of this image, what will it be?
    hope you enjoy your weekend, you are the sweetest.

  4. thanks tiel - have a nice weekend
    margie - a studio - so exciting
    lime green - it will be textile related

  5. I can't wait to see the next edition!


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