trip to cambridge ontario

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - ours was productive and busy. because of this busyness I decided that I cannot do any custom letterpress jobs until after january as well I can not take on any new wholesale clients until after january. I hope you understand. here are some highlights from my trip to cambridge, ontario where my work is in a group exhibition - it's on till october at the cambridge gallery- hope you will have a chance to go check it out including the knitted bridge.
my work
this piece was my favourite from the FIBREworks exhibit - the braille was done with flocking.


  1. everything looks so GREAT!!!! I wish I could come to see all this wonderful projects!!!!

  2. the pictures turned out really well. Had a great time

  3. i think your work is the loveliest in the show
    (quite a while ago i thought of flocking stones but never got around to it...hmmm..)

  4. I agree with Margie
    oh how much I'd love to be able to see all this goodness !!

  5. oh my god! is that really cambridge?! I wish cambridge was this happening when I was there for school a couple years ago! I LOVE what is done with the bridge!!! This show is getting me so excited! For you, and for my old school (just because the gallery is so close to the school! and the bridge can be seen from studio!)
    Congratulations Arounna!

  6. I made it to the shows but I missed you : (
    I loved it all. Especially yours and the bridge. I couldn't pick a fav from fibreworks- too many!!

  7. wow! that knitted bridge looks awesome! Your exhibit rocks too. I'll have to go see both in person!

  8. this is such a nice way to spend the afternoon
    that bridge is pretty awesome, I didn't realize how pretty cambrige is.

    your work looks very well represented. Congratulations Arounna!

  9. thanks everyone for your comments
    so glad you enjoyed seeing the work.


  10. This show looks fantastic! This aesthetic is few and far between here in the states for some reason! And your work is stunning! I didn't know you made quilts, a jack of all trades. I love those.

  11. wow! beautiful, beautiful fabrics... and I love the fabric bridge!


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