thanks to everyone for leaving comments and for visiting. winner is #9 sonia - congrats - please email me your shipping info. our weekend was busy with cutting a huge pile of fabric to make tea cosies, it was nice to take a break for some ice cream at Tom's dairy freeze (all I can say is yuuuumm)- a little place in etobicoke - about a 20 minute drive outside of toronto. above is an image of a new label I am putting on my products (the image also shows a new colour I am using on this popular print)- I like stamping the labels - I remember years ago I was all about the woven labels. there is something handmade and natural about this kind of labeling for my work.~ enjoy your monday~


  1. what a lucky girl that sonia is
    today must be her very special day
    I can't wait to see what she makes with your fabric

  2. i love the new color and labels

  3. I live around the corner from Tom's - it is a constant exercise in will power passing by that place.

    The labels look great!

  4. oh my Arounna, thank you ever so much ! I just emailed you, I hope it went through OK.
    You are a very generous & sweet soul, be assured that your fabrics will be put to good use.
    thank you again from the bottom of my heart, Arounna.

  5. I love the new color. It looks great! Lucky Sonia!

  6. Oooo missed this one as I was away on holiday - lovely printed fabric though.


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