thanks to everyone who left a comment - the winner is natsumi - congrats! - please email me your shipping address. join me later this week for another giveaway. above image is a sample of new stationery that I will be offering soon. I enjoy the play of borders and initials - it would also be great design for a business card. I like the leaves that was printed in the workshop - in our letterpress workshop there is lots of images and all kinds of sorts to experiment with. If you're interested in doing a day of both letterpress and silk screening be sure to contact the paper place for the september class, in the fall I will also be doing a letterpress workshop in-conjunction with the Design Exchange. have a lovely monday.


  1. Congrats to Natsumi. How I wish you weren't on another continent, I'd love to take a workshop!!

  2. i love that first image
    the color is great
    happy monday to you too!

  3. Pebbledash,
    I wish the press wasn't so heavy - I would consider touring :)

    thanks Margie.


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