I was joking with john that since we put in a new furnace in the summer - we will be putting in an air conditioner in the winter. I don't mind the heat - it's the humidity that's a killer. The nice thing about the humidity is that lliam, piper and my hair is nice and wavy. Above are some more painted images - these designs will be offset printed on note books. I can't wait to show you the finished project - it will also be part of a d.i.y project. I had the pleasure to work on a little project for a client that is finally done and I can show you these sweet note cards that I drew using ink. I painted 50 cards and envelopes - it got easier after the 5th one. It didn't take as long as I thought. I will be offering these on the website soon - I still need to decide on ink colours and different logos/emblems that you can choose from. thanks linda for the opportunity to work with you on these note cards. come by this weekend and say "hi" - hope you a cool weekend.


  1. These are gorgeous, I love your drawings.

  2. Such lovely shapes, patterns and colours, and you've executed them wonderfully precisely!

  3. your little paintings are bringing a smile to my face
    that and the refreshing rain
    but I am sorry it is raining for the first day of your show
    I hope to see you tomorrow.

  4. love the leafs . Don't like the heat, it's 34 °C overhere, hope it will be cooler soon.

    wish you a nice weekend !


  5. These are so pretty! Lovely colors!!
    I wish I were in Toronto, so that I could visit the outdoor art exhibition! Enjoy!


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