I wasn't sure if I should post about this - but one year ago today some of you may remember john fell terribly ill with Pneumonia with ARDS - he laid in a coma for a week while machines and hardworking doctors and nurses cared for him. As we all waited for him to wake up I was so frightened and didn't know where our lives would be without him. Piper was only 5 months old and Lliam would ask for his dad everyday. I'm not a religious person, but I remember every night praying for him to get better and to return to us. Today he is healthy, strong and happy.


  1. What a beautiful family you are.
    Your blog is my energy for may design business and
    for my life with my family.

  2. I love that photo. I didn't know about John's illness as we came to know your family after it was all over. I read your blog regularly and am inspired each time. We hope to come back to your studio for another screen printing session in the fall.

    stay well, all of you

  3. So glad he has made a full recovery. It can be terrifying when a loved one falls ill. A beautiful image, the love you share for one another shines through. Enjoy the journey.
    ox Melanie

  4. I'm sure your prayers were heard. You are a wonderful family!

  5. A close call like that really makes you appreciate every day, every ray of sunshine, every drop of water and every hug and kiss from your loved ones, doesn't it.

  6. it sure does.

    thanks everyone for your kind words.

  7. Prayer does work. Have you read the book "The Help".
    Aibieline, one of its characters has a powerful prayer process. It is a good book.

  8. I like that you posted this. It's reassuring to hear heartfelt thank yous to life.


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