today in Ontario it's a holiday - family day. we spent the day at the ROM looking at everything dinosaurs. Yesterday was such a fun day - I had three couples come to do a special valentines workshop - they all knew each other and we did both letterpress and silk-screening. It was fun to see all the couples work together - we also had some yummy snacks. It's gearing up to be quite a busy season for us so I will be scaling back on the workshops. Email me if you have any questions regarding future dates. I have been working hard finishing up work for my show in Hamilton - I install on the 23rd. This is a picture of my embroidered and textiles element spread around before I make decisions on what goes together.


  1. happy family day
    love seeing all your gorgeous pieces spread out in your studio

  2. It's Presidents (Presidents'? President's?) Day in the US, but how much better would it be if we had Family Day instead? Nothing a phone call home can't fix :)

  3. the show is at the Print Studio.
    hope you can visit :)

  4. Arounna, Arounna, Arounna...your work is a thing of beauty :) I wish I could go see your delicacies in person.

  5. The work looks amazing- I'll try to make it to the show : )


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