we have gotten to know all the delivery people - the day is always complete when there has been a delivery. It was exciting to see all this wood be delivered - it's hard to tell in the photo, but each piece measure between 10-12 feet. John got smart three years ago and had it milled - it saved him days to weeks in front of the table saw cutting and planing. The wood wasn't delivered till this week which gave him a bit of a break during the holidays from steaming, busy times ahead for you dear. the tag above is one of many things davis had a chance to print. It's so much fun to see how much people enjoy the immediacy of letterpress printing. I love the rounded corners - will be getting one in the next week or so. I also wanted an automated guillotine, but it wouldn't fit through the door. I have one at work that I can use, but it would be good to have one in house. I guess I could settle for a manual one.


  1. cutting, steaming, guillotine
    oh my

  2. it all seems so daunting.
    now we know where you've been and
    guess we won't see you for a while either


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