Last night I printed the lino pieces both hand cut and laser cut - will take pictures this morning and post it later today- I am so exhausted - I was awake at 7am for my thurs. am class and I didn't go to bed last night till 3am - I was trying so hard to get a ton of printing done while the kids were asleep - I get people asking me how I do it - having a part-time job and kids and running two businesses - I tell them - I don't sleep. I will also be posting info on new printing classes here in the studio. John is at that point where he needs an extra pair of hands. Our friend Pia will be coming to lend a hand - she is also a wonderful artist - the above image is her glass and felt work. Pia is also going to be January's featured artist.

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  1. i think you and i should write a book about how to live a very full life without sleep :)
    I love the glass/felt mix and look forward to seeing more of Pia's work.


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