I am very fond of lliam's photos - he took these late last night as we were closing up the shop. He captured all of us and the last image you can see his shadow - I was too excited to wait for the press and we went to get it today - will show you pictures later of it's new home - Craig from Don Black is truly amazing and generous - a great person to buy equipment from- I look forward to future trips to build on my type collection. We took the press for a test ride when it was all set up and it's simply beautiful. To celebrate my excitement and enthusiasm - I will have an amazing giveaway that unfortunately will only be for those of you who can get to my studio. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. It is very fabulous indeed! Kids look at the world in a lawer point of view. Once we gave our children a camera at a birthdaytrip. After that we do see the city in a different way.

  2. great mood in your shots liam
    curious about the giveaway :)


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