fall came in quite fast - I wasn't prepared - but I do enjoy dressing for fall with all the layers and textured fabrics. We were very busy this weekend and lliam spent the weekend at his grandparents which is always a big hit-unfortunately he had a bit of a bug and was not well and still not well - so after loads of laundry and trying to comfort a sad and sick boy - he is now finally asleep and hopefully his bug will pass. On saturday the three of us went in the cool rainy weather and checked out Nuit Blanche which I think is not as exciting as the past times. There are a few exhibitions that are interesting, but all and all it was a bit of a disappointment. I am working on the giveaway - there hasn't been good light to take photos. I will try to get it posted by this weeks end.

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  1. i hear you about the lack of light
    i am postponing a shop update just because I haven't been able to take decent photographs of the stones


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