okay so I've never been on the computer for so long - just finished posting new items in the vintage shop - I wanted to leave you with a few things before the weekend. I have never had so much to write about. I have a few sneak peeks from the fabric collection Roisin and I are working hard at. We are in the midst of setting up the website (will update you later) - decided that writing for two blogs was just too much for the both of us. along with the fabric we will also be offering buttons/badges, scrap packs, bias tape and kits. we don't usually sell other peoples work in the shop - but I couldn't resist these pieces from Alissa Kloet - my lovely intern last year - She is off to further her studies at NSCAD.The image below is her booth at the Toronto Outdoor Show. we've been crazy busy with online sales and I go to the post office everyday - I decided to walk down palmerston and what do I see on the sidewalk to be thrown out this beautiful cabinet - I run back to the shop - get john to get our dolly and he wheels it back - I was so excited that I already filled the drawers with my bits and bobs. Sorry - it won't be for sale - in case you were wondering it is vintage Office Specialty. Okay time to sleep and stay away from the computer. Have a great weekend - psst. Also next week I am going to be selling a vintage piece that might appeal to some of you - you'll have to come back to see what it is - and also next week - there is going to be an a m a z i n g giveaway - to celebrate being in Play all Day - let's just say it will inspire you to make something.


  1. love the fabric....and what a find on the street!

  2. that is so amazing
    everything in this post but the cabinet especially
    If you find another one please wheel it back to the shop for me
    or any other cabinet for curiosities
    I really need something to store my stones in
    Off to check out your new etsy shop

  3. i can't believe that cabinet was headed for the garbage. great score!

  4. You should have heard my GASP when I saw you FOUND that! I am so so so jealous. Why could it not have been meee! Haha... Oh and beautiful fabric too!

  5. you did not find that on the street!

  6. Wow, you lucky thing! What a brilliant find! Your store is looking fantastic, and your collaboration is most exciting. Such energy coming out of Bookhou right now!

  7. Oh my!! That must be one of the luckiest finds! I can't believe anyone would want to get rid of that – what were they thinking.


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