we had a spurt of sales for our flock mobile and john made a few extra. When you do production it's always easier to work on a number of them instead of making them one by one. I'm also amazed at how precise he is and how they all look the same. The bird shapes are about three layers of maple veneer that is laminated on a mold. Once dried the shapes are cut and sanded by hand. He uses an all natural mixture of linseed oil and beeswax found at Lee Valley. the little red tree dresses are completed and here they are with the little bird perched on a leaf - I was drawing this type of tree for awhile and a good friend told me the leaves looked like her smoke bush tree in her backyard - so I now refer to this image as smoke bush.


  1. i love the little red dress
    i can't wait to see some big "girl" sizes one day soon

  2. Your flock mobile is number one on my wish list!!


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