chilly day and piles of work

we thought an outing would be fun - we woke to a very sunny day and thought a trip to the antique market would be fun. We got out the door and quickly ran back inside. It was freezing outside and thought we should stay in. I spent the day cutting and sewing pieces of clothing. The aesthetic that I like is simple modern clothes for kids. I don't like bright pastels and not a fan of synthetic fabrics. I hope my aesthetic will also appeal to others. The pile to the right I need to hand sew the bias. I don't like the way it looks sewn on the machine (a bit messy). I sent out a card of samples to a potential company that will make my linen. I'm excited to see what they think. I have some favorites that is hard to find around here.

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  1. it was freezing here today too! you are so lucky you could stay in and create...


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