petit chaise

john is so brilliant - he came up with these ultra cute chairs for kids. We are calling them petit chaise (small chair) - they are made from recycled furniture parts and each piece will vary. He is still figuring out the price and production (he cuts and assembles each one himself) - so they will be available at the spring One of a Kind Show when we launch our entire baby collection. I also want to mention these will be a limited run - so please email us if you are interested. Lliam trying out the chair (he is 20 months old - to give you a sense of scale)


  1. i love this chair! i love it so much in fact i had to blog about it : http://minordetails.typepad.com/md_weblog/2007/12/ill-take-a-peti.html

    I really love your collections.

  2. these are so adorable ! and how cute is liam!


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