toronto outdoor art exhibition

I have been so busy working on new works for the TOAE - the show is on July 6,7 & 8. Come and check it out - it's simply the best place to see emerging and established artists all in one place. There are around 500 artists and the work ranges from paintings, sculpture, jewellery, fibre, ceramics and so much more. I will be in the orange section booth #426. Check out their website for show details. Come by and say hi to john, lliam and myself. After the show I will highlight my favorites.


  1. oh! congratulations arounna!! you so so deserve this. even in a show with an incredibly high caliber of work, yours is most definitely a favourite. can't wait to get mine up on the wall...

    p.s. i worked on some textile designs this weekend. thanks for the nudge & i'll be in touch for a visit soon.

  2. oops - the above comment was meant for the post above re: winning the textile award.

  3. I would love to see more of your work - it looks really good :)


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